In order to say The annual Matsutake Mushroom Festival being held from August 15-16, 2023 in the beautiful valley of Genekha, about an hour’s drive from Thimphu. Genekha district is renowned for its production of matsutake and chanterelle mushrooms. And it is alsothe starting point for the famed Dagala Thousand Lake Treks.


Especially The two-day matsutake festival is an exciting event. Which will celebrate the region’s culture, tradition and diversity of the local communities.

Designed to promote awareness among the locals on the sustainable harvesting of mushrooms. And to showcase/exhibit Matsutake (Tricholoma matsutake) mushrooms, other wild edible mushrooms, and local cuisines. The Genekha Matsutake Mushroom Festival promises a wide range of activities for guests.

These include indigenous sports, stalls displaying various local products, a display of wild mushrooms, other non-wood products, culinary options including mushroom soup, mushroom curry, and a display of high-breed agricultural seeds.


The festival will also feature cultural performances that highlight the unique cultural heritage of the region. Such as mask dances, folk dances and unique traditional cultural performances. Visitors can also expect to see various stalls and exhibitions. Where they can explore, learn and purchase local souvenirs, and sample authentic local mushroom foods. Genekha Valley, located between the Thimphu-Paro highway, is a picturesque place to visit. In other words The valley boasts of a pristine natural environment and lush greenery, captivating many nature enthusiasts. Visitors can expect to see typical Bhutanese villages, traditional Bhutanese houses, temples and experience the unique culture of the valley. There are also plenty of hikes and treks in the area. Including to monasteries and some sacred Buddhist sites or guests can embark on a long and adventurous trek. Such as Dagala Thousand Lake Trek.


“The Matsutake Mushroom Festival in the picturesque valley of Genekha is a great opportunity for nature lovers. And food enthusiasts to experience the untouched beauty of Bhutan.

Enjoy the scenic views, listen to traditional music, and observe local dance and arts and crafts exhibits.

We are excited to welcome visitors and locals alike, to this year’s Genekha Matsutake Mushroom Festival, to immerse themselves in the distinctive customs and culture of the Genekha Valley,” concluded Dorji Dhradhul, the Director General of the Department of Tourism.