The Splendid Radhasoami Satsang’s Temple at Agra, Situated 5 kilometres. From the heart of the city of Agra, in the peaceful neighbourhood of Dayal Bagh, exists one of the lesser known treasures of the city.

The Splendid Radhasoami Satsang’s Temple at Agra, The Radhasoamis are considered in Punjab as an offshoot of Sikhism. What is interesting is that the Radhasoami is a religious fellowship that accepts saints and living gurus from anywhere.

Firstly The building of the Radhasoami Temple is what one would consider a true creation by dedication. Specially stone cutters have laboured for more than a hundred years on the building of this unique structure.

Generations of stone cutters and their families have been working on this edifice. Which is certainly one of the more important monuments in a city, is already full of unique structures.

The main structure of the building is over a hundred square feet in size, and has a wide colonnaded-verandah running on all four sides. Clearly recognizable in the design of the temple, are aspects of Jain, Muslim, Hindu and Christian architecture. Brought together in a manner that is as spectacular as it is unique.

Specially the columns and arches are embellished with carved fruit and flowers, created with an eye to detail seldom seen in buildings of this day and age. Clusters of fruit and flowers impeccably carved out of white marble, positioned high up on marble columns.

Besides white marble, other shades of marble – green, pink, and black – have also been used . The creation of this edifice has involved the work of 4 or even more generations of marble carvers employed in the construction work. Automatically taking over and continuing the work of their forefathers.

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