Explore love the Caribbean way, Whether you dream of a rustic architectural feel, modern elegance or the traditional iconic concept, Jamaicas landscape provides the perfect backdrop for an ultimate romantic getaway.

With its jagged coastline of thick foliage that opens to breath-taking waterfalls and idyllic secluded beaches and not to mention perfect weather nearly year-round – it’s no wonder that so many couples travel to this island paradise in search of a romantic getaway.

Not only does it offer beautiful places to visit, but also offers a plethora of activities for lovers seeking romantic bliss.

1. Sunset Catamaran Ride

This is the perfect ride to watch the sunset unfold as you’ve never seen before. Sip rum punch as the sun makes its way colorfully towards the horizon.

2. Rainforest Adventure

Nothing bonds you closer than experiencing an adrenaline rush together. Imagine flying through the air, zipping through tropical rainforests at the sensational Mystic Mountain with views of the Caribbean Sea below.

3. Feed lovebirds at Dolphin Cove

There’s lots more to do at Dolphin Cove other than swimming with dolphins. Take a walk through their animal trail where you’ll have a chance to feed the Love Budgies who stick to one partner for their entire lives.

4. A relaxing river ride on Martha Brae River

Sit back and enjoy the sight and sounds of chirping birds, leaves rustling in the wind and cascading waterfalls as you relax on a three-mile bamboo raft ride, drifting along this serene tree-lined stretch of water, piloted by a raft captain.

5. Romantic dinner for two

Similarly perched on volcanic cliffs above the blue waters of Pristine Cove, enjoy the panoramic views, soothing cool breezes, majestic sunsets. And new Caribbean cuisine at Rockhouse restaurant.

6. Horseback riding in the ocean

Eventually there’s nothing that says romance more than riding side by side. On horseback through the Caribbean Sea while holding hands. If you’re staying at Melia Braco or a beautiful villa at Silver Sands, Braco is close by to provide this romantic fantasy.

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7. Open air-pampering

Enjoy a couple’s massage, at the same time feeling the warm Caribbean breeze, the sight of blue skies. And the sound of waves caressing the shores.

8. Climb Dunn’s River Falls

Firstly check off this bucket list item together. And leave with stories for the grandkids about making it to the top of this world-famous attraction hand in hand.