Planning your next vacation? Here’s how you can save up on the trip

Planning your next vacation? Some say travel is expensive but there are always ways to save a few bucks on travel. All it takes is a bit of determination and a quest to hunt for the right deals. How much will you save by hunting for travel deals – is something that we sure cannot guarantee. To save you from any stress later, Goibibo culls out simple yet effective ways to make your dream vacay easy on the pocket.

  1. First, start with a travel fund. Financial planning never hurt anyone!: Make time your biggest currency. Start planning ahead of time for your vacation and avoid taking loans to fund your holiday.
  2. 40%-50% deals on hotels are up for grabs, every day: Imagine this: Travel is on the cards, and you have your dream travel list ready, from the type of local cuisine that you are waiting to indulge in to your dreamy stay at a hotel overseeing the majestic hills of Himalayas.
  3. Best price guarantee options that offer the assurance of booking at the best available rates: Let’s ask you this. What’s more important? The assurance of best-guaranteed rates or the doing away with a convenience fee for an overpriced holiday package? We bet that you will go for the first option.
  4. Planning travel on these three days will do the trick too: next vacation? A tip that we’d rather whisper to you, but here goes. You can save anywhere from 10 to 40 percent on your flight tickets if you travel on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday!