Discover Kochi from the prism of art, Appreciate contemporary arts or not, the Kochi Muziris Biennale appeals to all. With its thriving sense of artistic expression that reflects quirky concepts, and even some hard-hitting social messaging.

Discover Kochi from the prism of art, The famed international contemporary art exhibition runs for four months on the island of Fort Kochi in Kerala.

Beach Gate Bungalows, Kochi, Kerala

Discover Kochi from the prism of art, Located in the bylanes of Fort Kochi. The center of the Biennale, are two private and exclusive heritage villas on rent. However each of these Bungalows is replete with modern luxuries of a private pool, lush gardens, a fully equipped kitchen with grocery on call. Beach Gate is a restored heritage property with independent twin bungalows built in the 50’s for the sterling companies in Cochin. Each bungalow houses three bedrooms, a dining room. Overlooking its own private pool and a fully equipped kitchen with an on-call chef. The bungalows are an archetype of the British settlement in Fort Kochi with modern contemporary accents. Beach Gate is a restored heritage property featuring independent twin bungalows built in the 50’s for the sterling companies in Cochin. They represent an archetypal British colonial style settlement in Fort Kochi from the middle of the last century.

Brunton Boatyard, Kochi, Kerala

Basically no place unravels the unique story of Fort Kochi better than Brunton Boatyard. Always coveted for trade, refuge, and the local spices including the Black Gold, or simply chosen as ‘home’ by many travelers. This restored period building that is our hotel sits well with its colonial era surroundings and counterparts – the great trading houses of British India when pepper from Kerala was considered as precious as gold. Like the cultures they celebrate and display, Brunton Boatyard is a five star hotel whose interiors reflect an eclectic but tasteful blend of English, Portuguese and Dutch influences as seen in its high ceilings, hanging fans and a plethora of artifacts and curios from a great mercantile age known for its pomp and glamour. 

Chittoor Kottaram, Kochi, Kerala

So Earthy Kerala luxuries and elegance mark every inch of this 200-year-old King’s abode. A royal mansion of devotion by the picturesque backwaters. Chitoor Kottaram as its very name implies was the royal residence of the erstwhile ruling family of Cochin. When the king sought to take some time off from their worldly duties. And pay homage to the family deity in the temple nearby. Little has changed since that time in this beautiful abode that still retains that sense of splendor. And serenity for which it was originally made. Today, Chittoor Kottaram stands testimony to the legacy of a long-lost kingdom. An ideal destination for couples looking for an intimate getaway. Right from the moment you arrive on a boat, you get transported to a timeless era. At the entrance, your personal entourage extends a traditional welcome.

Eighth Bastion, Kochi, Kerala: A boutique hotel in charming Fort Kochi

Earlier Step into a chapter of history when you come to Eighth Bastion, in the heart of Fort Cochin. Located on a once-historical Dutch landmark, this hotel conjures up visions of the past and brings alive a time. Unknown to many the Dutch East India Company, or the VOC, was one of the earliest global business undertakings. The Seven Bastions referred to a type of layout peculiar to VOC Forts, a tradition they followed from Surat to the straits of Sumatra where they had their presence. The model of the ship that you will see as you walk into our reception area is a reminder of the VOCs heyday attesting to their prominence in trade. Especially The architecture and cuisine of Fort Kochi showcase Dutch, Portuguese.

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