Travel is once again on the rise as restrictions loosen up all over the world. But now that those formative years are passed, travelling is about more than just getting away and having a good time. The Global Wellness Institute asserts that “the future of travel is intention.”

But what exactly does it mean to travel deliberately imply? When we travel with purpose, we can have a more profound and transforming experience that enables us to connect with our inner selves and our families. What do you want to get out of your vacation experience? And what advantages might I anticipate?

Listed below are some growing travel trends that may inspire your next trip as shared by Dr. Jason Culp, Research & Development Director, Chiva-Som.


There is no doubt that travelling with family and/or friends helps to foster strong relationships. Positive memories are built around shared experiences.

Travelling to destinations that offer intergenerational activities can strengthen the bonds between all family members, will promote the mental, emotional and social wellbeing of a family.


The last two years have been challenging and have left many questioning their goals, priorities and what brings meaning to life. Enforced lockdowns and accompanying soul searching have ignited the urge to travel and seek purpose through new experiences.

The wellness industry has embraced this intention by offering various retreats that guide guests through a constructive process of redefining and rebuilding. Meditation and time to plan can reorient your life around the things.


You’ve likely heard of ‘ecotourism’ – an effort to conserve the environment and prevent any detrimental impact to destination hotspots. The latest trend in travel has shifted to regenerative tourism. Wherein travellers not only do no harm but leave a positive impact on the environment and community that they’ve visited.


If the past two years have taught us anything, it is the importance of our health, both physical and mental. Nature continues to be one of the most powerful influences on wellbeing. The microbiome of soil impacts our own internal microbial ecosystem and can promote healthy immune function. Listed below are some tips to be kept in mind when you do travel again as shared by Dr. Rubia Afza Shariff, Health & Wellness Advisor, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som:

Adjust your body clock: 

Your body takes a while to get accustomed to new changes. Speed up the process by exposing yourself to sunlight, thereby boosting your melatonin to help you sleep. 

Keep yourself hydrated:

Hydration is essential for detoxification, as well as the many vital systems and functions that keep us healthy.

Boost your immunity:

Firstly Increase your intake of vitamin-rich foods to replenish your system after a long flight.


Even small amounts of exercise promote the endorphins that boost mood and wellbeing.

Reduce your caffeine intake:

As tempting as it is, especially when you are jetlagged, caffeine disrupts the sleep cycle.