Mahabaleshwar – Where Strawberries Grow

Recently, a friend said she was taking a break and going to “where the strawberries grow in this season”. Mahabaleshwar, is one of the most suited places for strawberry cultivation. In fact strawberries from here, contribute to about 85 percent of the total production of strawberries in the country. My friend insists that the strawberries […]

The Splendid Radhasoami Satsang’s Temple at Agra

ituated 5 kilometres from the heart of the city of Agra, in the peaceful neighbourhood of Dayal Bagh, exists one of the lesser known treasures of the city. This splendid white Makrana marble edifice, is set amidst gulmohar trees and lush green lawns. The temple complex, which draws thousands of visitors both Indian and foreign, […]